We have the total solution for your underground parking lot, warehouse, airport hangar etc. We can set a service schedule that fits your needs if you desire and as a contract customer we will offer a reduced fee.

We have a Tennant M20 Super Scrubber that is designed to both sweep and scrub with innovative technology that cleans harsh environments with a single pass. It is equipped with ec-H20 technology that electrically charges water so it acts as an effective cleaner without having to always use harmful chemicals or detergents. This machine vacuums and squeegees the floor leaving it almost completely dry.

Do you need to have oil spills from cars removed? We offer an oil removal service. Our process is to first clean each spot manually with a strong degreaser and then go over it with our ride on scrubber. Our process removes all oil from the surface and leaves the surface incredibly clean. We can clean out your catch basins so they do not get plugged up or cause your pipes to get clogged.

If you need your walls pressure washed we can assist with that also.

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